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Affiliated Faculty NCSU

Dr. Gregory Byrd, Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Expertise: High-performance parallel systems and servers, with a particular focus on mechanisms that reduce communication overhead in parallel and distributed systems.

Dr. Rada Chirkova, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science

Expertise: Information and knowledge management, analytics, algorithms, and theory of computation

Dr. Jon Doyle, SAS Institute Distinguished Professor, Department of Computer Science

Expertise: Mathematical foundations of computer science and artificial intelligence; formal representations for knowledge, learning, and reasoning


Dr. Rudra Dutta, Professor, Computer Science Department, and Technical Lead, CentMesh NCSU

Expertise: Internet and SDN architecture, network analytics, optical network design, mobile computing and sensing systems

Dr. Vincent W. Freeh, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science

Expertise: Distributed systems, file systems, and operating systems.

Dr. Montserrat Fuentes, Head of the Statistics Department and Full Professor of Statistics

Expertise: spatial statistics, computational statistics, uncertainty quantification, and statistical method- ology applied to atmospheric sciences, air pollution, and oceanography

Dr. Christopher G. Healey, Professor, Department of Computer Science

Expertise: visualization, data and visual analytics, visual perception and visual cognition, large-data management

Dr. Michael Kowolenko, Teaching Assistant Professor and Industrial Fellow at the Center for Innovation Management Studies, College of Management

Expertise: business-oriented data and knowledge management, data-driven decisions

Dr. Carl Meyer, Professor, Department of Mathematics

Expertise: numerical analysis and matrix computations, applied linear algebra, discrete Markov chains, data mining and cluster analytics, network analysis and Web search

Dr. Kemafor Anyanwu Ogan, Associate Professor and Director of Semantic Computing Research Laboratory, Department of Computer Science

Expertise: Web / Big-Data analytics and management, its broader applications; services computing

Dr. David L. Roberts, Assistant Professor and Director of Computational Intelligence and Interactive Games Research Laboratory, Department of Computer Science

Expertise: computational modeling of human behavior, decision-making, and cognition with an emphasis on designing interactive virtual environments for data collection and model validation

Dr. Nagiza F. Samatova, Professor, Department of Computer Science

Expertise: data science, with emphasis on data management and analysis at extreme scale, scalable algorithms, and high-performance computing

Dr. Alyson Wilson, Professor, Department of Statistics

Expertise: Bayesian methods, information integration, statistics for problems in defense and security.

Dr. Lian Xie, Professor, Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Department, and Director, Coastal Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Expertise: Marine meteorology, air-sea interactions, hurricane and storm surge prediction, regional climate, numerical modeling