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UMBC Year 1 Spring IAB Approved Research Projects

No PI Title
UM_P01_S19 Milt Halem Cache Oblivious Optimal SVD Algorithm on CAPI Accelerator
UM_U01_S19 Karuna P Joshi Automatic Legal Document Analytics and Blockchain Smart Contracts
UM_P02_S19 Aryya Gangopadhyay Deep learning models for network intrusion detection
UM_P03_S19 Sisi Duan  Supply Chain Transparency and Security
UM_U03_S19 Milton Halem Progress Querying Streaming Big Data Using In-Storage Devices
UM_P04_S19 Jennifer Sleeman Deep Quantum Boltzmann Machine

UMBC Year 1 Fall IAB Approved Research Projects

No PI Title
UM-01-F-18 Karuna P Joshi An Integrated Knowledge graph for Cloud Data Compliance
UM-02-F-18 Milt Halem Analyzing Impacts of Data Observations and Assimilation on Variations in Weather Forecast Skill Scores
UM-03-F-18 John Dorband Quantum Annealing based Binary Compressive sensing
UM-04-F-18 Milt Halem Streaming Tensor Decomposition and Analytics
UM-05-F-18 Sisi Duan Permissioned Blockchain for IoT, IoMT, and Storage

Other Funded Research Projects

  • UM-OFG-01 Accelerating MPAS on GPU PI: Milt Halem
  • UM-OFG-02 Automatically Detecting Cancer using 3 Million Radiology Images PI: David Chapman