Industry Members

Phase II (2023-2028) Members

UMBC CARTA Industry partners include

Laboratory for Physical Sciences (NSA LPS)NASA/NCCSDepartment of Homeland Security (DHS)

Phase I (2018-2023) Members

The following Industry partners contributed Membership fees to CARTA Phase I sites.

UMBC Site Members :  NSA/LPSNASA/NCCSDHS, NSA/CSSIBMD-Wave Systems Inc, Seagate, Morgan Stanley, RAD-AID International, Carestream

NCSU Site Members: NetApp, Cisco, SAS, NSA/CSS

Rutgers Site Members: Sensetime (HK, Shanghai and Princeton), NEC

Miami Site Members: . YE Ventures, LLC, Legacy Research Institute, Rockefeller Institute at West Virginia University, Neurotargeting, LLC